November 21, 2017

How to run application before CodeceptJS tests.

In my last post I was writing about testing TodoMVC application with CodeceptJS. For sake of simplicity I’ve used online version of TodoMVC vanillajs example and I’ve been running my tests right on the project website. It might’ve been good enough for course of the tutorial but it’s not very real-world use case—you don’t want to mess around with the production environment from your tests. Instead of that it’d be good to automatically run the application just before running test suite and then shut it down when testing is done. Read more

January 13, 2017

Acceptance testing with CodeceptJS

In this tutorial I’m gonna look at CodeceptJS with NightmareJS backend as a tool for writing acceptance tests for TodoMVC application. After completing it you should be familiar with basic codecept concepts and be able to use it in your own projects. I’m using vanillaJS version of TodoMVC available here but probably you can use whatever version you want to—features are supposed to be the same, the only difference may be in HTML selectors of elements user would interact with (although I haven’t tested it so can’t be sure). Read more

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